TM Speed Test

TM speed test is an internet speed test tool to check your connection speed. Click start and this tool will show you your exact download and upload speed. Did you ever felt that you are paying more than the internet speed you are getting? Is your connection not working properly? Let our internet speed test TM help you to test the internet speed connection. And tell the adequate upload and download speed provided by ISP. Tmspeedtest enables the internet users to determine and analyze the internet speed to ensure they are getting the best service according to the price paid for.

How to take Unifi Speed Test TM?

Unifi speed test TM tool is very easy to use. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open an internet browser using your desktop computer, laptop, or your mobile.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on “START” button and relax.
  4. For accurate results, establish an Ethernet connection directly with a laptop or PC.
TM Speed Test

What does TM Speed Test Unifi do?

TM speed test Unifi measures the speed and performance of your internet connection by assessing several key metrics. First, it evaluates your download speed, which indicates how quickly data can be retrieved from the internet to your device. Next, it measures your upload speed, which reflects how fast data can be sent from your device to the internet. Additionally, the test may assess latency (ping), which measures the time it takes for data to travel from your device to a server and back, and jitter, which evaluates the variability in your ping over time. By sending and receiving small packets of data between your device and a designated server, Xfinity speed test calculates these metrics, providing you with valuable insights into the quality and reliability of your internet connection.

Telekom Malaysia Products and Service

Internet and Broadband

Telekom Malaysia provides high-speed internet services through various technologies, including fiber optics and DSL. Their broadband packages cater to different user requirements, from basic internet browsing to high-definition video streaming and online gaming.

Digital Solutions

TM offers a range of digital solutions for businesses, including cloud services, data centers, and cybersecurity solutions. These services help businesses optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and stay competitive in the digital landscape.


TM offers an array of entertainment content, including IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services, video-on-demand (VOD) platforms, and digital streaming services. Customers can access a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and live sports events.

Mobile Services

Through its subsidiary, TM also offers mobile telecommunication services, providing voice calls, messaging, and mobile internet connectivity to consumers across Malaysia.


How do I check my TM internet speed?

To check your TM internet speed, simply use an online tool like TM test speed website. Just click "Go" to measure your download, upload, and ping speeds instantly.

What is the speed of Streamyx?

The speed of Streamyx internet service can vary depending on the plan and location, but typical speeds range from 1Mbps to 8Mbps for residential users. However, Streamyx also offers higher-speed plans for businesses, reaching up to 100Mbps in some areas.

What is the speed test for 5G in Malaysia?

According to TM speed test previous data, Malaysia ranked 3rd for 5G speed by achieving 485 Mbps download speed. Significantly faster internet speed compared to previous generations of mobile technology like 4G and LTE.

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