About Us

TM SPEED TEST is an online tool website. Our free online tool helps internet users check their internet connection speed. With just one click they can check their upload and download speed in seconds. This tool is especially designed for Telekom Malaysia internet users and is absolutely free and easy to use. We also have few other tools like Etisalat Speed Test and Wow Speed Test.

We also have a blog on our site for readers and are regularly updated. We write articles related to latest gadgets and technology trends. You can drop comment and express your views. The purpose of this blog is only to help internet community and not to heart anyone’s feelings. If you find anything impropriate or think violates any of your rights you can contact us anytime by visiting our contact us page and we will respond immediately to your request.

If you want to use our tool then go to our homepage and click “START” and you won’t have to do anything else Just sit back and relax, this automatic tool will show you your internet connections upload and download speed in seconds. And if you are looking to make your internet fast then go to our blog section and you will find many useful articles.

We are also open any type of suggestion to make our tool better for users.

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